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Lighting Control and Home Automation

You touch a button on your iPhone and your exterior lights come on. You thought you heard something on the pool deck… Oh, the dog has knocked over a plant and the pot is cracked. Have to deal with that later. It’s still dark, but you decide to get up early. You touch the ‘Morning’ button on your iPhone and the bathroom lights rise slowly. It’ll only take a few seconds for the water to be hot now that the recirculating pump is on. Coffee is started too. The bathroom TV pops on and flips to CNN for a glance at the overnight news while you brush your teeth. You hear the kitchen audio system coming on low with some soothing jazz, not loud enough to wake the kids though—they’re on summer break. By the way, what time did your son get in last night? You dozed off before his curfew. Touch a button on a touchscreen on the way into the kitchen. Ah… he beat the curfew by a few minutes and re-armed the alarm at 11:05 PM. Your spouse will be pleased. You grab a muffin and coffee and hit the shower.

A few minutes later, as you pull out of the garage, you press the ‘Leave’ button on your iPhone. The garage door closes and any lights you left on go dim, music, TV and coffee pot go off and external security is active. Now, a button press at any intercom station in the house can both call your cell phone and email your office in the event of an emergency.

Ah…you have an email notification from the house on your phone. Your son is playing music above the level you allow. He won’t hear the house phone if you call. You speed dial the house’s control interface and touch a few buttons and speak into your phone “If you keep playing my system that loud I will turn it off completely…”

“OK, sorry.” He heard you—through the sound system.

Home Automation is not only convenient, it will save you money. In light of recent increases in energy costs, green energy efficient home control systems are becoming more poular than ever before. When you can easily see where energy is being wasted in your home or business you will be surprised how much thoughtful scheduling and event driven automation and light harvesting can save you in energy costs.


Advanced Media/Game Room Applications

You’re in your comfy chair and you’ve got the big game up on the plasma. One of the other games is on the smaller display to the left. That hurricane is still floating off the coast so the right side monitor is carrying the weather channel. You’re working on a marketing proposal for work and your wife says, “Want me to read it and give you some feedback?”

“Yeah.” You touch a button on a touchscreen in front of you and the game is replaced by a video feed of your PC on the plasma so she can read it from over there on the sofa.

You hear the doorbell and a PIP window appears on the LCD to the left with an image of the delivery man at the door. You touch another button on the screen and say, “I’ll be right with you.” The FedEx man nods just before his picture disappears from the screen automatically.

“Be right back dear…”

Quality reliable media presentation systems are not just for the boardroom anymore and they can be quite easy to use if designed with that in mind. It’s all about professional integration. Technology shouldn’t be complex to the end user. Engineers design products for other engineers. Professional integrators make them friendly to the average or novice user.

focalspeakersHigh-End Audio for a Superior Musical Experience

Shh… You rap your baton on the stand. One hundred skilled musicians focus on your every move. You raise your arms, and Beethoven’s 9th thunders in front of you.

It’s uncanny how accurately music can be reproduced with a today’s digital audio systems. Drawing on sophisticated technology and sound timeless principles of acoustic design a music system can grab you, soothe you, make you laugh or cry. In a properly engineered environment, you can actually ‘see’ each musician and instrument with your ears. We have an enormous selection of the finest audio gear from the world’s most talented designers. From the finest quality CD players, DVD players, amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, and speakers in all price ranges, you’ll witness the triumph of art merged with technology.


Home Theater

Sit down… relax in your favorite chair. Choose a movie. Touch one button. As the room lights darken, a crisp image begins to fills your video screen. The soundtrack swells; you hear and feel your surround audio system come to life. Your senses are heightened as you are transported magically into each scene: touched by the drama, excited by the adventure.

To create a complete movie experience where you feel a part of the action is no simple task, but it’s effortless when you let BOB’S TV help. From the moment you discuss your plans with us to the first experience with your finished system at home, you will know you’ve made the right decision.

Bob’s TV is unique in offering a variety of products along with a sales and design staff who exhibit expertise and care in fulfilling your needs, quality installation, programming, and integration and repair service – all in one location. We’ll help you pick the best display panel or projector, components and speakers for your lifestyle and budget.

A superior selection of products from the world’s best manufacturers is represented in our comfortable design showrooms. Each and every component is tested for its singular performance, then matched with your finished system.